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8th November - 21st November 2021

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Help Your Teen Enter The World More Confidently and Powerfully 

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It's that time to get ready for the next phase as your teen steps into the world!

It's time to help your teen to prepare for their next phase whether it's going to University, travelling abroad and/or leaving home.

Are you ready? Are they ready?

As a parent, you may have planned for when your teen leaves home and/or goes to university. 

You may have planned for a few years or even since they were born. 

What have you been planning and focused on to get your teen ready?

Has it been the mechanics of the transition? Has it been funding the transition, as well as supporting your teen 
through their UCAS applications, shortlisting universities and accepting their final choice or work options 

and then.... 

making sure they have all they need for when they leave home?

Phew, it's A LOT.


What stuff? You might be asking.

All the other stuff they'll be facing when they

- Getting comfortable with the first few weird weeks when it's lonely, even though everyone's in the same boat.

- Worrying and feeling that something's wrong with them because they don't feel excited about the prospect of
the "best years" of their life stretching ahead of them because all they can think of is home.

- The weight of the expectation of experiencing the "best years" and meeting "lifelong friends".

- Discovering themselves and managing their new and old worlds as they return home for visits.

- Eating well within a budget and to manage moods.

Yes, there's a lot of other things to consider in the coming months.

If you've started to think about the transition and are on the lookout for extra hints and tips or you’ve not even started to think about the next phase as yet.

You're in the right place.

It can be hard to step back, whilst helping your teen to step up, confidently and authentically themselves as they enter the world.

 Wherever you are, a fantastic line up of best selling authors and speakers will be gifting their expertise, wisdom 
and experience to help your teen to fly into their next phase with more confidence and less stress.

Join Us If: 

  • You're feeling overwhelmed with where to start with getting your teen ready
  • ​You haven't got time to do the research
  • You're wondering if it's too late (or too early) to prepare
  • Your teen is feeling unsure and anxious about leaving home
  • ​Your teen isn't sure about how best to manage their money 
  • ​If you need help getting organised

Register today to 
support your teen:

  • To be more comfortable with themselves
  • ​To manage money simply and powerfully 
  • ​To get and stay motivated when the structure is gone
  • To create the must have list each day (that isn’t a To Do List)
  • ​To lay strong foundations in the final year
  • ​Transition without the struggle and stress
Because the last couple of years have been like no other. 

Yes, going to Uni isn't anything new BUT

students are now navigating so much more with the impact of lockdowns on mental health and relationships.

It's not surprising that parents and students alike may be more nervous than usual.

That's why Ready To Fly is taking place to help parents and teens through the transition with proven tools and strategies.
Worried that you don't have time to register?

That's exactly why you should register.  Get ahead without the stress with the perfect opportunity to get ready.

The event has been created to help you to overcome the often difficult task of stepping back whilst helping your teen to get ready for the next phase, 

to step up and out into the world confidently.

You'll be able to gain greater level of understanding and insight into how your teen is thinking and what you can do to best support them.

You’ll learn how to reset situations and stay connected with your teen over the coming months and set them up to live independently successfully.

Now you have a great opportunity to gain simple and powerful tools, ready for when you need them most in the coming months.

Get Your Teen Ready To Fly.

Hi, I'm Onika Griffith-Elliott a mum of 2 and a wife. I've created this virtual event to share the tips and strategies that I've discovered that have 
helped my teen as he prepared himself to leave home and go to University this year.  

It wasn't easy, even though I'm organised.  I discovered things that I could have been doing earlier with my son that I'd wish I'd known that will make a difference to parents and their teens, which is why I've brought together this fantastic range of speakers.

 We carry so much responsibility on our shoulders every day, especially the welfare of our children even when they're not at home with us. 

Why now?  

Because there's still time to make a difference and make the transition easier.

An inspiring range of talented, experienced and generous speakers have come together to gift their experience and 
knowledge to parents to help you to support your teen even more powerfully. 

So gift yourself and your teen at NO COST, the invaluable tools and strategies 
to prepare them ready to fly off to their next chapter with less stress and more confidence.

Some Of Your Speakers

Lucy Parsons

Time Matters

Lucy Parsons is the founder and CEO of Life More Extraordinary Academic Coaching Ltd. Life More Extraordinary helps students to achieve their academic potential by teaching them the study skills, habits and mindset to get the grades in the best way for them.

Gill Hasson


Gill has written more than 25 books on the subject of wellbeing for adults and children; books on loneliness, emotional intelligence, resilience, mindfulness, overcoming anxiety, happiness and kindness

Dr Andy Cope

Brilliantly Me

Andy is a qualified teacher, wellbeing expert and ‘recovering academic’. Andy’s books are frequently on the best-sellers list. ‘The Happiness Revolution’ was brand new and he’s currently working on a writing project with Bear Grylls. 

Nicola Morgan

The Amazing Teenage Brain 

Nicola is an award winning author, speaker and supporter who shares fascinating insights into young brains, well-being and resilience.
Nicola empowers young minds to succeed. 

Davinia Tomlinson

 Money Management Made Simple 

Davinia is the award-winning founder of rainchq, a company she set up to help women take control of their financial futures. She has over 15 years experience across the investment management and professional services industries including roles at Fidelity Investments and PwC

Rachel Kelly

Good Mood Food

Rachel is a writer and mental health advocate. She is the author of The Happy Kitchen: Good Mood Food with the nutritional therapist Alice Mackintosh and an ambassador for Sane and Rethink Mental Illness.  

Alison Blackler

Mind Over Matter

Alison is a transformational mind coach, facilitator. Alison is the author of A Path Travelled – How to make sense of your life and How to make sense of relationships. Alison has a wealth of experience around human behaviour; coaching, counselling, facilitation and clinical excellence, with both adults and young people.

Dave Chawner

Weight Expectations

Dave is a number 1 best selling author, award winning comedian and presenter. He sensitively uses comedy in order to talk about the tricky topic of mental health. As seen on BBC, ITV & Channel 5. As heard on Radio 1, Radio 2, Radio 4's Today Programme & BBC 5 Live. 

Cai Graham

Anxiety and Big Emotions

Cai Graham is a Parenting & Teen Mentor, Podcaster, International Speaker and Amazon #1 bestselling author of The Teen Toolbox™️.
Cai empowers parents and their kids to cope with the challenges of modern day life.

Julian Hall

Inspired Income

“Featured on Forbes, Julian ‘The Ultrapreneur’ Hall is the founder of a four year old social enterprise called Ultra Education.
The multi award winning organisation's mission is to provide all children and young people regardless of background or social standing with access to effective entrepreneurial education.  

Joe Barnes

Passion and Self Belief 

Joe is the author of the books, 'Escape The System' and, 'Do The Work you Love.' His mission is to help entrepreneurs, artists, coaches and frustrated employees find their place in the world and live meaningful, happy lives.

Hannah Beecham

Keep It Moving

Hannah is the founder of RED January, a nationwide movement that’s empowering people to 'move every day, to beat the winter blues away.
Since 2016, RED January has inspired 200,000 people to embrace physical activity to support their mental health and raised over £3million for mental health charities. 

Diana Spellman

Space To Fly

From corporate life to making homes and people serene. Diana now helps women to save time and find peace through her unique Serenely Sorted system. Featured in the media and known as the 'Mess Stress' queen.

Jacqueline Wales

Be Fearless

Author of When The Crow Sings, The Fearless Factor, The Fearless Factor @ Work, and soon to be published Fearless Women Leading The Way, Jacqueline has explored human behaviour and asked tough questions to discover hard truths for more than 35 years.
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